Rectangular serving plate, perfect for sushi and appetizers

Rectangular serving plate, perfect for sushi and appetizers


Whether you want an interesting appetizer tray, a plate to serve meatloaf, or a sushi dish, this rectangular plate with it’s unusual feet is the perfect fit. The asymmetry, textures vs. smooth surfaces, and colors add interest. The extruded feet make the plate rise up off the table’s surface to make the perfect vehicle for a lovely presentation. Food safe and dishwasher proof. 11.5” x 6” x 1.25”

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The more you love handmade ceramics, the more anything else just won’t do. Using them makes food feel more special no matter what you’re serving. Handmade plates become conversation pieces and show off food, and your care of presentation. Take one to a dinner party, filled with appetizers and people will rave over it. Hand made serving plates and platters are the new heirlooms.

This piece was created, dried, bisque fired, then glazed with multiple colors, and fired again at ^5-6 in an electric kiln. Material: Laguna B-Mix, a porcelain-like creamy white clay.